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Are You Using These WordPress Plugins That Will Monetize Your Blog And Generate Web Site Traffic?

Did you know there is a new open source community project underway called the WordPress Plugin Database, located at, which is a user-friendly web site with about 2,500 WordPress plugins and counting? The WordPress Plugin Database is a categorized list of WordPress plugins, complemented by a WordPress Plugin Manager that allows one-click installs, say […]


Getting Quality One Way Links For Free

As you probably know, building your link popularity is the best way to get good search engine placement and free traffic for life for your websites. A lot of people have trouble with this, so I decided to make a small list with the methods I use to get tons of quality one way links […]


Getting Your Site Indexed Before You Launch

I’ve noticed that most SEO articles focus on what to do after you launch your site. Those that do deal with preparing your site for launch usually discuss on-site SEO like keyword research and meta tags. What tends to be neglected is the advantage that you can gain by getting your site indexed before you […]